Fees & Enrollment


One-time Registration Fee         $50

Certificate/Diploma Courses     $200

Bachelor of Divinity Courses      $650 (Extension Only)

Textbooks to be bought separately

Course materials and Moodle Access is only issued on receipt of payment.


  1. Copy of transcripts of previous education, email to: ptcee@ptc.ac.fj
  2. Copy of valid photo ID, email to: ptcee@ptc.ac.fj
  3. Completed Application Form for Certificate & Diploma, ONLY if Church Sponsored, email to: ptcee@ptc.ac.fj
  4. Completed Application Form for Bachelor of Divinity (compulsory), email to: ptcee@ptc.ac.fj
  5. Cash payment of fees can be made at PTCEE Office