Bachelor of Divinity

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Bachelor of Divinity Units Offered:
> Academic Skills 1 and 2 (foundation courses)

Biblical Studies (7)
> Introduction to Exegesis (foundation course)
> Introduction to the Study of Torah
> Introduction to the Study of the Prophets
> Introduction to the Study of the Writings
> Intro to the Study of the Synoptic Gospels & Acts
> Intro to the Study of the Letters Attributed to Paul
> Intro to the Study of John, James and Revelation

Church History (5)
> Early Church History (foundation course)
> Nineteenth Century Mission in the Pacific
> Medieval & Reformation Church History
> Modern Church History
> 20th Century Pacific Church History

Ministry (6)
> Foundations of Ministry (foundation course)
> Social Analysis: Ministry in a Social Context
> Worship and Liturgy
> Introduction to Pastoral Counselling
> Theology & Meaning of Mission in the Pacific Today
> Foundations in Christian Education

Systematic Theology & Ethics (8)
> Methods in Contextual Theology (foundation)
> Christology
> Trinity
> Spirit, Church and Sacraments
> Explorations in Ecumenism
> Ethical Principles
> Theology & Science
> Introduction to World Religions